a static, rather cerebral staging

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Hi every one

I have read the foloowing sentence in Elements of cinema by Robert Bird. Does "cerebral staging" have negative connotation? Are "static" and "cerebral" somehow synonym?
Would someone please paraphrase the underlined sentence?

Despite the emphasis on communicating the characters' subjective attitudes, later accounts (a virtual press ban on Hamlet has left precious little contemporary criticism) suggest a static, rather cerebral staging.
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    Hi word gumshoe. :)

    No, they are not synonyms. They are two different opinions of the staging:
    1. It was static.
    2. It was rather cerebral.


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    "Static" and "cerebral" are not synonyms, word gumshoe. Here is my attempt to paraphrase the underlined portion of that sentence: ...suggest a motionless, fairly intellectual staging.

    PS Hi, Nunty. It's nice to see your posts in here again. I missed you.
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