a steel-and-chrome affair


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"It was late Friday night, and we had found ourselves in a kind of underground bar, a steel-and-chrome affair that hummed and thumped with strobe lights and R&B, and a mindless bass line throbbing like a swollen vein."
(The Foreigner, Francie Lin)

What is "a steel-and-chrome affair"? Does it refer to the interior and furnishings?
  • jenscarborough

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    Porguese - Brazil
    Hello guys! Actually, I think the definitions given so far were great, but I have another question. Please, take a look at this sentence:

    "The café was a chrome affair aboe a car wash on the beltway."

    I've searched everywhere, but I couldn't seem to find a suitable translation (to Portuguese) or even a definition.

    I would greatly appreciate if anyone could help me here.

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