A steep brow

Geralt of Rivia

He had a softly delineated profile with a steep brow.

What does a brow mean here? Is it 'forehead' or 'eyebrow'? And how can I tell the difference?
  • Florentia52

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    Please tell us where you found this sentence. Also, which option makes the most sense to you? Which is more likely to be steep, an eyebrow or a forehead? Which are you most likely to notice when observing someone's profile?

    Geralt of Rivia

    Honestly, I do not know. And that is the exact reason why I'm asking it. Maybe eyebrows? I heard it from somewhere I do not remember.


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    I don't know what "steep eyebrows" would look like. "Brow" (singular) usually means "forehead".

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