a step the White House insists is not on the table

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    This is from CNN News article. Trump takes aim at top FBI officials on Twitter - CNNPolitics

    I'm trying to understand meaning of the phrase "a step the White House insists is not on the table" and grammatical function of the phrase. My understanding of "to give Trump cover should he try to remove Mueller" is "to give Trump cover if he should try to remove Mueller". Then what does "a step" refernce?
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    is not on the table = is not under consideration, or is not an option
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    a step = a move; a strategy; part of a plan. (Here it refers to "removing Mueller".)
    On the table = available
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    It is a reference back to removing Mueller. The writer says that Democrats argue that criticisms of McCabe and the FBI are an effort to give Trump cover if Trip should decide to remove Mueller, even though the White House says that the removal of Mueller is not something that Trump plans to do.

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    Clearly understood. Thank you all very much.

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