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I am translating a book about music and i came accross this expression, and i dont know how to translate it:

"In the late summer of 1970, producer Ikuzo Orita began to bring together musicians for another 'super session' that he wished to name 'Love Live Life'. Inspired by the songs of sax player Kei Ichihara, Orita seemed to be obsessed with the idea of uniting free jazz Sun Ra style with stomping soul and heavy-guitar chaos, somewhere along the lines of Steve Katz's Blood, Sweat & Tears, but more rhythmically out there"

Is there someone who can help me??? :D

Thank you!!!!
  • Glaire

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    yes Sunny i did check stomp, and i do know what soul music is... thanks for your useful advices. i just thought there might be a "expression consacrée" in french i might not know and wanted to be sure...

    Merci Archijacq!! :)
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