a story without an [a] beginning or end


Hi, everyone:

A: How do you like the movie?
B: It told a story without an beginning or end.

Could you tell me how to express B's idea in another way?

More explanation:

Here, B is saying he could not understand the movie. Because he thinks the movie does not has a beginning or an end. I'm trying to find an alternative answer for B.

Best wishes.
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    How do you like the movie? Is this a written question from a book? It is a strange construction..well for a BE speaker at least. I would have thought that "Did you like the film?" would read clearer.
    The story did not stick to the more usual begining, middle and end, but rather concerned itself with the middle.


    Thank you both.

    B.t.w. I think "The story went nowhere" is a good choice. But I wonder if it may include "the beginning".



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    I have also heard of the phrase "slice of life" applied to this type of film. It is a (fairly) realistic portrayal of a certain amount of time passing in people's lives without a definite structure, goal, or message.
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