A straight in between


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Hi there.

I don't get the meaning of at "a straight in between". Any ideas/possible translation?

"Now if this was just a straight in between I’d just sort of bring the arm around, where the arm starts there, and ends there, so a middle position would be round about there."

It talks about an animation of a character that I believe somehow needs to be more round. Some more context.
Before the example I've given, the text says:

"It’s really straight (to camera). she’s in the middle of the page, and you know she just sort of acts to camera, so I should have done it on a slight angle - really exaggerated some of the movement a little bit more, but hey-ho, there you go. So iv now created that as my last image which is a little bit more exaggerated and so between ... so between that and that drawing I’ll put that drawing underneath and that drawing on top.
The way I work is going from that to that so the later drawing is always on top and the other sheet of paper
So there’s so what I’m doing now is working out the in between position between those two drawings"

And here comes the "Now if this was just a straight in between I’d just sort of bring the arm around..."

Thanks heaps for any help! :)
  • Masood

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    Creo que straight in between es otra manera de decir exactamente en la mitad/el centro (es decir, equidistante entre las líneas de los otros dos dibujos).

    Puede que esté equivocado.


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    Me suena bien en el contexto. Salvo que alguien dé otra opción que parezca mejor, pondré algo de eso.
    Mil gracias, Masood. :)


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    La verdad es que en el contexto iba mejor y, como el texto está bastante mal redactado en general, probablemente sea un fallo del original.

    Muchas gracias. :)


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    De hecho cambiaste la palabra?

    Si no lo hiciste, yo leí super mal, y lo que te dijo Masood es correcto.