a strange word from some article. "Pip"

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I was reading a book and there is a strange word came up.

The title of the article is maybe "Table for two"

"A tragic life for poor dear Pip" My father said when he saw the cover of Great Expectations.

Do you guys have any idea of this ?

If this helps, I cited from somewhere.
In 1947 my mother, Deborah, was a twenty-one-year-old student at New York University, majoring in English literature. She was beautiful—fiery yet introspective—with a great
 passion for books and ideas. She read voraciously and hoped one day to become a writer.
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    I read both - and now all three of us are off-topic.

    Yes, "A tragic life for poor dear Pip" is just a comment on the plot line of the book Great Expectations. You can read about it on Wikipedia.
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