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I would be very grateful if you could help me with this sentence.I have some difficulty understanding this sentence (short story from Saki, "THE BYZANTINE OMELETTE").

“Wicked is the word,” said Richardson; “I’m a good Conservative and I’ve no patience with this Socialist foolery, asking your pardon. It’s tyranny, that’s what it is, all along the line, but I’ve my living to make, same as other people, and I’ve got to belong to the union. I couldn’t touch another hair-pin without a strike permit, not if you was to double my wages.”

Is a strike permit the union's permission?
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    Basically, yes. During a strike, union members can only work if their union permits it. Depending on the nature of the strike, unions may not call for all workers to stop working simultaneously. For example in mines, the unions generally allow safety work to continue, so as to avoid an increased risk of accidents when work resumes.
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