a strong suit of either side of the pond

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corbes christian

I have to translate a sentence about a reaction to the last message fron Al Qaeda.
I give you this opinion. It seems " history" isn't a strong suit of either side of the pond day. The same people who now think it's a good idea to talk to these terrorists probably would've thought it was a goot idea to get all warm and cuddly with Hitler or Stalin.
I can't really understand the meaning of the beginning highlight.
thanks for your suggestion.
  • Aupick

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    A strong suit is something you're particularly good at.

    The "pond" is the Atlantic ocean. "On this/the other side of the pond" are expressions used, particularly by Brits and Americans, to refer to themselves or each other. ("Outre-atlantique" would translate "on the other side of the pond".)

    "Day" doesn't seem to belong in the sentence. Could there be a typo here? (Could it read "at the end of the day", for example?)

    Suggested translation:

    Il semble que l'histoire n'est le point fort ni des Américains ni des Européens.
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