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    Hello everyone!! It's me again!! I am translating a VERY complex book of economy (Galbraith dixit) and I have a sentence in the Index saying "Finding the Problem Cases: A Study of Residuals". I guess we are here confronted to a sort of statistical residuals, but I am unable to find the correct equivalence in Spanish: I strongly suspect "residuos" would not make the job here.

    I have had a look to the chapter itself and got this piece of context: "The residuals from the ordinary least squares regressions reported in the previous section can usefully indicate those countries in the DS dataset where Gini coefficients may be too high or too low".

    And this is my try: "Los residuos derivados de las regresiones de los cuadrados mínimos que ya hemos mencionado en el apartado anterior pueden resultar útiles por venir a indicar qué países del conjunto de datos DS muestran unos coeficientes de Gini excesivamente altos o bajos".

    I hope you can help me out of this bug… :eek:

    [I wish I knew also what's DS here (in "DS dataset"), but that's too much asking I'm afraid]

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    Hello ComicMonster.
    The best (and only possible) translation of "residuals" to Spanish is "residuales" and it refers to the differences between the observed values and the expected ones under the assumption of a certain (linear regression) model; "residuos" would be wrong, because it refers to a different mathematical concept. My try:
    "Los residuales de las regresiones de mínimos cuadrados ordinarias reportadas en las secciones previas/los apartados anteriores pueden resultar útiles por indicar aquellos países del conjunto de datos DS, cuyos coeficientes Gini pueden ser muy altos o muy bajos".
    Google says that "DS dataset" probably refers to Deininger and Squire 1996 dataset on inequality around the world. Details here www.developmentdata.org/inequality.htm, more details here www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1G2-3045300542.html and a more recent version of the dataset here www.wider.unu.edu/research/Database/en_GB/database/.
    I hope it helps.
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    Wow! If it helps, you say… It really SOLVES out the question!! It's a great answer indeed. I thank you a billion times for that. (That's why I always say this is the best forum in the world). :)

    The only "hic" is that I will need to make many more questions, since I am not really an specialist un econometry, but I remain confident thanks to people like you…

    Thanks once more, Camilord, and all the best.
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    You are very welcome, ComicMonster.

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