a subscription to a swimming pool

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Arthur Korablyov

Senior Member

Please, help me with this sentence:

I am going to buy a subscription to a swimming pool.

Is it possible to say like this?

My idea is I want to buy a special ticket that allows you to go to the swimming pool during some period of time. How do you call it in English?

Thank you in advance!
  • Hau Ruck

    Senior Member
    English - U.S.
    I think the term you are looking for is "membership." :)

    "I am going to buy a membership to a swimming pool." ;)
    Subscription would technically be correct, but foreign sounding to our ears. Subscriptions are often for products like newspapers or magazines. :) Usually something delivered to you on a regular basis (perhaps daily, once a week, or monthly).


    Senior Member
    English - Scotland
    In the UK we also have multi tickets which are for perhaps 10 or 20 etc swimming sessions or you can buy a monthly or 2-monthly etc ticket that gives you unlimited access to the pool over a specific period of time.
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