a suggestion that subject + verb

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As you know, the word 'suggestion' has two or more subtly different meanings.
On one hand, it means
1. 'indirect pointing to something' when you say 'if you don't want to give a suggestion that you are hiding something, look people in the eye'
but on the other, it also means
2. 'something that is presented for consideration as an offer' when saying 'I have a suggestion that we (should) change the date'

My question goes below..

"a defense is required against any suggestion that political disagreement is not the normal state of things."

Can the word 'suggestion' in the sentence above be interpreted any other way than the first definition?
(FYI, the sentence is from a Korean SAT mock test this month.)

I have assumed that it's more appropriate to use the basic form of verbs (or after should) in a that clause following the word 'suggestion' for the second definition.
please enlighten me.
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