a suitcase loaded with dark associations

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Stephen Schmidt

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Plenty going on, but at that moment everything seemed to fall still. I know it’s only the sort of illusion caused by a faulty memory (not to mention a suitcase loaded with dark associations), but the recollection is very strong. All of a sudden there were no kids yelling in the backyard, no records playing upstairs, no banging from the garage. Not a single bird singing.
Hi, everyone.
This is from Revival by Stephen King. What does the underlined sentence refer to? A suitcase? And Does "associations" mean thoughts?
Context: Jamie--the speaker--is describing the world surrounding him when the minister came to their house. (I don't know why yet) Every sound
seemed to be silenced around him.

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    A suitcase loaded with dark associations = all the emotional "baggage" he's amassed over the years

    He's talking figuratively, about what makes him remember this event so vividly.
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