A Swiss Italian...alerted Einstein to the research


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Does "alert" here mean "warn someone of a possibly dangerous situation"?
Or simply means "remind him of it"?

Thanks in advance

De Pretto had stumbled on the equation, but not the theory of relativity, while speculating about ether in the life of the universe, said Prof Bartocci. It was republished in 1904 by Veneto's Royal Science Institute, but the equation's significance was not understood.

A Swiss Italian named Michele Besso alerted Einstein to the research and in 1905 Einstein published his own work, said Prof Bartocci. It took years for his breakthrough to be grasped.

-the guardian

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    Maybe not a dangerous situation, but a situation that needs attention.
    I don't know the details of the Einstein story, but it was important for those people making discoveries about atomic physics to know about one another's work.


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    It means Besso brought the research to Einstein's attention. Probably in an excited way sort of way "Hey Albert, you really should take a look at this!"

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