A tak je to se vším


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Fellow, another line of Život je sen.

A tak je to se vším, řeknu jen,
Vše o čem sním, je jako sen

My attempt:

And I'll sew in it, the only thing I say
about all I dream is just like I am

The underlined part is a little strange to me, I'm not sure if I understood it well.

Děkuji vám ještě jednou!

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  • Tagarela

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    Thank you, Winpoj. And I'm sorry, I must correct the lyric, the last word is sen not sem - I was thinking it was a kind of pun.

    Can you explain better the je to se vším? I thought that vším was a form of všít, isn't it?


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    Yes, I took the typo into account in my answer.

    "Vším" is the instrumental case of the pronoun "vše" or "všechno".

    Tak je to se vším - It is like this with everything or It is the case for everything; not 100% sure what the best English translation is but you get the idea I hope.


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    Here's my attempt at English rendition:

    And so it goes with everything I deem
    All I fantasize about is like a dream

    Don't boo too loud..

    The všít conjugation:
    všiju, všiješ, všije, všijeme, všijete, všijí
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