A tcho fete!


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Hi, I'm in France at the moment and was texting the people that I'm staying with to let them know that I'd arrived at the airport so they'd know when to pick me up. I sent a text to the son to thank him for telling me that his parents were on their way to picking me up, and he replied: 'A tcho fete!'

As always with texts, it could be a typo or he could've been texting someone else and he sent it to me by mistake or it might just be colloquial French (which I need lots of practice with!) If anyone knows at all what 'a tcho fete' could mean, please help out because I'd like to know what it means.

Thanks very much! :)

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    Aucune idée! :confused:
    Tu es sûr de l'orthographe, je suppose?
    Quel était ton texto, peut-être que ça a un lien?
    Tcho ressemble à tchao = aurevoir
    Fete pourrait être fête....
    Mais l'ensemble n'a pas de sens...


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    As far as I can tell from a quick Google search, it means bye. Would be curious to know about the etymology of that thing. Anything to do with the kiddie magazine Tchô?


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    Hi, thanks so much for all your replies. I typed it in on Google to have a look, and apparently it's Vendée slang, which can mean 'Au revoir'. The family that I am staying with live in Les Herbiers in Vendée, so that makes sense.

    I don't know why he would be saying 'au revoir', as I was coming back to visit his family, but maybe 'à tcho fête' is like 'salut', where it can mean either 'bonjour' or 'au revoir'?

    I think someone already mentioned this in the thread, so thanks so much again for all your help. If I've given you any more ideas as to what it could mean and you think you might know, please feel free to tell me or correct me! Xx
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