A teacher asks students vocabulary


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  1. So, we all know teachers sometimes ask students to do dictations to test their spelling.
  2. Sometimes, instead of writing out the spellings, teachers may just verbally, directly ask students the spellings.
How to express these activities in Japanese?
  • gengo

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    The concept of "spelling" doesn't apply to Japanese (or Chinese). Instead, it's a matter of knowing how to write the kanji properly. Or are you asking about Japanese students who are learning a language that uses an alphabet?


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    Yeah, if it’s the latter case as gengo mentioned (to spell out something using Roman letters), I think 綴る/綴り is the word. For example, その単語の綴りを言ってみてください。 お名前はどう綴るのですか?

    As an aside, I find it quite interesting that Cantonese uses the verb (e.g. 你公司嘅名點串呀), which conjures up pretty much the same image in my mind, like threading small pieces together.