a telepben lévő

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    I am unsure how to interpret the highlighted text in this phrase. I would appreciate if anyone could explain how to interpret this.

    Minden esetben a fő cél, hogy a telepben lévő olajba az adott összetételeknél és nyomáson, hőmérsékleten minél több CO2 -os gáz oldódjon be, vagy az elegyedéshez elegendő gáz legyen jelen.

    Thanks in advance.
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    "(present) in the/this land?" - of course only you, with the context, may know what spot of land they are considering. Do you fully understand the grammar? (a bit intricate, with "adott" qualifying both the "összetétel" and "nyomás" parts, and the "fő cél" in fact double, "oldódjon"+"legyen").
    -- Olivier
  3. francisgranada Senior Member

    Telep can mean settlement and yard (széntelep - coal yard) as well, but also battery.
    An example for lévő: Amerikában lévő barátom - My friend who/that is in America.
  4. Olivier0 Senior Member

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    Due to the technical details, I was thinking of some industrial land/area (gyártelep), but some context could really help.
    -- Olivier
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    When we're talking about oil extraction telep is that "pool" under the ground where the oil can be found. I don't know the English word for it.
  6. Zsanna

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    This "telep", as Puppancs put it, is surely not the same as "gyártelep" (you couldn't add the suffix -ben to the word in that meaning), a(open) flat industrial area of some sort, on the contrary, it must be fairly closed. A similar expression may be "reservoir" (although that may also be translated as medence)...
    I have found a little online dictionary about oil extraction, it may help a bit, see here. (Unfortunately only English-Hungarian version.)

    The word, "lévő" (or levő) is easy at first sight: it is the present participle form of "to be", so meaning: being, existing (+ whatever could fit the context - but we would need more about that again).
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    "Reservoir" as Zsanna says and as Puppancs describes seems to be the word used in the Wikipedia description of that method for oil extraction: "Carbon dioxide (CO2) flooding is a process whereby carbon dioxide is injected into an oil reservoir in order to increase output when extracting oil."
    -- Olivier
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    Thanks everyone for the replies. I can understand the solution to my question now.

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