a/the bicycle

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Hello all,

In China, ______bicycle is______ popular means of transportation.
A.the; a
B.a; /
C.the; the
D.a; the
Key: A
source: 英语-魔方格
(Note: Such websites' contributors are usually English lovers.)

I agree A is correct.
What about D?
Or what about E?
E: a, a

Thank you.
  • sdgraham

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    USA English
    A is correct see:

    1. a very typical example of a certain person or thing.
      "the book is a perfect archetype of the genre"
      • an original that has been imitated.
        "the archetype of faith is Abraham


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    AE (US English)
    Think of "a" as "one". D doesn't work. The bicycle is one popular means of transportation.

    A is correct. Here "The" is used to turn "bycicle" into a generic term (and archetype). This is one of the uses of "the".
    "A bicycle" is one bicycle. "The bicycle" is a form of transportation.

    E does not work. You can say "The bicycle" or "Riding a bicycle" for the start.
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