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    The Base of a celaldon bowl
    Base of a celadon

    A cwladon bowl
    The celadon bowl
    Celadon bowl (self-made)

    The above phases are catipons to some pictures. I am confused about the use of the articles in this case. Do we need them in captions? Thank you.
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    You don't have to have them, but it's not wrong to include them. Captions are sometimes written in a condensed style in which unnecessary words are eliminated, but other times they are written as complete sentences. And other times, they might be written in a style that's between these two extremes. If you aren't required to use a particular caption style, any of these ways is fine - you should just pick one style and be consistent within your document.
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    Even though it is a caption, the answer is still dependant on context. If the picture is part of an article and the article has been discussing this particular bowl, "The celadon bowl" would be appropriate; if this is an article discussing celadon bowls in general and you want to stress that this in an example, "A celadon bowl" is fine, otherwise "Celadon bowl". If this is a label next to an example and there is no other context whatsoever, like a piece in a museum, I would not use any article.

    In the case of the 'base': if there is a definite article before 'base' there must also be an article before 'celadon'.
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  4. westwind Senior Member

    I am introducing a Tang dynasty granary complex. The bowl base or the celadon bowl is one of the artifacts from the granary site, which we chose as an example.

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