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I am writing about an accident at a mine:

'As reported in the news media, a worker was killed and another one injured on November 4, 2014, at the South Zhezkazgan mine in Kazakhstan that belongs to KAZ Minerals Plc (KAZ Minerals), formerly Kazakhmys Plc. An / the underground explosion, which allegedly occurred during the planting of explosives for a blasting operation, is currently under investigation.'

I am not sure which article to use here; although it is the first time I'm mentioning the explosion, it is the explosion that caused the deaths and injuries from the first sentence. Should I use 'the'?
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    This is an occasion where either is acceptable. Although it is the first time you're talking about the explosion, the preceding sentence introduces the subject sufficiently to allow "the", but not specifically enough that "an" cannot be used.
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