a/the Festival for the Dead


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A Festival for the Dead is held once a year in Japan. This festival is a cheerful occasion, for on this day, the dead are said to return to their homes and they are welcomed by the living.

(New Concept English 2, Longman)

I wonder if ‘a Festival for the Dead’ should be ‘the Festival for the Dead’. I think it’s a proper noun.

Thanks a lot in advance.
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    I consider it wrong, as you suggest. It should be "The".
    Thanks, Andygc.

    This really surprised me. This book has been printed millions of copies in China, but I've never seen anybody pointing out this mistake. I'd like your confirmation, friends.


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    It should be "A festival for the dead" or "The Festival for the Dead". As you said, the capitalized version is a proper noun.
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