a/the heaven beyond the heavens

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Hi all! What does "a/the heaven beyond the heavens" mean in the folllowing examples?

* As we know, there is a heaven beyond the heavens, the Supernal Abode, which corresponds with Elohim, and Ruach Elohim emanates from that Holy Place, and so also the Holy Light of the first day of creation, the Supernal Light and its simple primordial essence, the Clear Light Essence. ( Heaven: Peace Between Opposites - Sophian.org )

* Briefly, the gods and goddesses unfold from the nameless divine mystery as follows: in the beginning there was An (Babylonian Anu), first-born of the primeval sea, i.e., the “waters” of Space. He is forefather of the gods and ruler of the heaven beyond the heavens. (https://jarconsian.wordpress.com/2013/10/14/the-epic-of-gilgamesh-a-spiritual-biography/)
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    This is religious theory, not grammar. You know what "heaven" means. "Beyond" normally means "physically farther away", but this is some spiritual meaning, not the physical one. The meaning is not obvious -- you would have to ask the writers what they mean.
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