A/The second measure is

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  • wandle

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    In this context, "a second" is similar to "another".
    Yes. The sssay is simply introducing three possible measures. None of them has been mentioned before.
    However, once they have been introduced, if the essay then went on to discuss the pros and cons of the different measures, then it would be necessary to refer to 'the first measure', 'the second measure' etc.

    Suppose alternatively that the writer had said initially, 'There are three measures to consider.'
    In this case, it is appropriate to follow by saying 'the second measure is ...' instead of 'a second measure is ...'.

    On the other hand suppose the writer had said inititally, 'Three possible measures may be mentioned'.
    In this case, it would be equally appropriate to say either 'the second measure is ...' or 'a second measure could be ...'.
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