a/the wrong giant baby

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On Halloween, a guy gets mugged by a guy dressed as a royal baby. The police rounds up a set of "royal babies" for identification of the robber. The victim says number thee might be the one because he's short too. A cop:
-- Number three, step forward and say, "give me your money, you stupid bag of crap."
Number three does, and the victim says:
-- No, wrong giant baby.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine, TV series

Article A is implied here, am I right? Thanks.
  • Packard

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    They presented one of the royal babies and then they were dismissing that one. Presumably they would then present the next one on line, then the next and then the next.

    Each one would be dealt with as a single royal baby. So we would use a definite article.

    Consider this:

    They are not looking for a giant baby, they are looking for a specific giant baby. So they are looking for the [guilty] giant baby (who presumably is guilty of something).
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