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Following is an excerpt from one of the cases that we are discussing in our MBA class.

The Seven Day countdown was a / the result of the evolution and refinement of the hotel-opening process, which became more solidified in the late 180s to early 1990s when the hotel chain was opening many new properties.

Which article should be used here or should any article be used here at all?

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    It's hard to say without some more information. "The" would always work, in my opinion, although others may argue otherwise. "A" would only work if the "evolution and refinement of the hotel-opening process" had multiple notable results. If you wanted to avoid using an article, you could say:

    "The Seven Day countdown resulted from the evolution and refinement ..."


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    An article is required. The choice is depenedent on the number of results.

    'a' would indicate there were many different results and the countdown for one of them (one of many).

    'the' would indicate there was only one result and that the countdown was that one result.


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    Hello. Personally, I would say that either is correct depending on what is meant. If you use the indefinite article, it implies, to me anyway, that there were more results than just this one. With the definite article the implication is that this was the one conclusion which was reached. Let's see what others have to say...


    I would probably use "a" because the seven day countdown is likely one of many things resulting from the evolution and refinement of the hotel-opening process. "The" somewhat implies it is the singular result, but it is so subtle it probably doesn't matter. Either is fine.


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    Given that it's taking seven days, one would presume that the countdown itself is the basket in which numerous results are carried. A whole whack of results were obtained and incorporated into a countdown which takes a week to accomplish. I would, therefore, use "the".