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She is_____new comer to____chemistry but she has already made some important discoveries
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Ca; /
Da the

The answer is C, but it seems D is more logic? I think the chemistry means the chemistry industry.

Many thanks.

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    No, I think it means the field of chemistry. You know because it says "discoveries" later.

    Or if it had anything to do with industry, it would be "the chemical industry," not "the chemistry industry."


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    C is the only correct answer here; "chemistry" in this context probably means to the field or to the study of chemistry. "chemistry" here cannot refer to the chemical industry.


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    Without "the," chemistry refers to the chemistry field in the most general sense as in your example. It does not reference any specific chemistry. On the other hand, if you are talking about a specific scenario or situation, then you should put "the" in front ("The chemistry we do in this class is very basic").

    The concept is more clear with other nouns. For example, candy always tastes good, but the candy on this table is melted.
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