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Hi my dear friends
Could you please tell me what the idiom a thing of the past means?

Please don't ask me for a text because I didn't pick it up from a text.
I found it in an exercise that has some expressions that I have to complete with some given words.

But when searching in the internet I found that Thing of the Past is the third studio album by Andy Cabic's San-Francisco-based band Vetiver.
and in another context ''Beauty is a thing of the past. Hope you enjoy the hairstyles and beauty tips posted in this blog''.

Would you please help me have a more clear idea about this idiom.

Thank you very much indeed.
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    Hello, mrxkms.

    Thank you for finding some context for us. :thumbsup:

    "A thing of the past" is something that existed or was done in the past, but no longer exists, or happens. The person who says "beauty is a thing of the past" thinks that beauty no longer exists, or is no longer something we are concerned with.

    It is more difficult to say what this refers to as an album title. Perhaps the music on it is in a style that is no longer popular.


    It's sometimes only a cyclic passing:

    "We celebrated the last day of school; homework is a thing of the past!"
    (That is, until next year.)

    But it's usually synonymous to "obsolete."

    "The motorcar would eventually make the horse-and-buggy a thing of the past."

    Perhaps this is additionally helpful.
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