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My brother and I are trying to translate this phrase from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for personal use (possible tattoos): "A thing that doesn't change with time is a memory of younger days."

It's from Sheik from Ocarina of Time. We want to translate it to Hylian, but we have to translate it to Hiragana first.

Could anyone help and please translate it for us?

Thank you so much!!!!!!!
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    I think that poetic expressions will serve for your purpose better than plain ones.
    A phrase for tattoo should be impressive, rather than like mere spoken language.
    時が流るるとも変わらぬのが若き日の思い出 what about this? --- a little bit archaic expression.
    I am not a poet. Others' opinions should be put into consideration.


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    Sheik said:
    時は流れても 変わらぬもの、それは 幼き日の 追憶…
    This is what she says in the original Japanese version. You can google for the game script.
    In kana that would be
    ときは ながれても かわらぬもの、それは おさなきひの ついおく…
    So in Hylian Oot font this would look like
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