A three-round jogging


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Chinese,Cantonese,Sichuan dialect
Context and Question:

Here is a picture of the playground of a school. And I have a question about the lane (for running, jogging, etc.) I usually jog in this such a school and since the lane is a circle-shaped course, I said this to my friend last time when he came to join me:

I’ve just finished a three-round jogging.

I want to say that I’ve run along the lane (400 meters usually) for three times, so it's three rounds. In China, people say “three circles”, “three rounds” to mean the fact they’ve run along the lane (inside the lane) for three times. I wonder how to express myself naturally?

Thanks a lot


No idea. But I'm pretty sure mine is bad. I also think native speakers won't be hairsplitting like me in this situation.
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