a tiempo a saludarse (start of a letter)

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  1. Bede Member

    what does this mean at the start of a letter?
  2. juandiego

    juandiego Senior Member

    Granada. España
    Spanish from Spain
    First time I see that phrase for a letter. Even it is not easy to be fitted with more context.
  3. garual

    garual Senior Member

    PR - Spanish
    Could it refer to 'It's been a long time'?
  4. Pablo de los EU Senior Member

    English, US
    I don't know if there is some common use for this that I don't know about, but it literally means "On/In time to say hello to/greet her."
  5. Bede Member

    Thanks very much. I'm writing from Chile and have never heard this greeting before in a letter, is it common?
  6. estudiantesidem Senior Member

    peru castellano
    Lomg time no see! what about this?
  7. Bede Member

    Thanks very kind

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