a time-honoured way


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Could you please explain to me what this phrase means, exactly?
Here's the context: In that country, business is still conducted behind closed doors and in a time-honoured way.
Does this suggest an old way of doing business, the advantages of which have been confirmed over time?
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    "time-honored" means to be honored/valued because of age or long usage.

    This is a time-honored custom.

    Also, according to online source, the definition is given as follows:

    Respected or adhered to because of age or age-old observance.


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    For some reason that I can't quite get to grips with, a time-honoured way sounds strange. It is normally the time-honoured way.

    The British National Corpus confirms this with 70 examples using the, 11 using a.

    I think perhaps the phrase needs the speaker to identify with the honouring of the way, and therefore it is a specific, known, way that is being referred to.
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