1. RussUS Senior Member

    California, USA
    English, United States
    I enjoy a TV show filmed in Mexico called "100 Mexicanos Dijeron." The announcer often uses the phrase "a todo dar." What does that phrase mean in English?

  2. link182

    link182 Member

    Perú, spanish
    Sounds like 'do your best!', maybe a mexico native would give a better explanation.
  3. Emil Senior Member

    We have a version of that program here too, it's called "100 Argentinos Dicen", always the same!
  4. duder Senior Member

    From the DRAE:


    a todo ~.
    1. loc. adj. Méx. Muy bueno.
    2. loc. adv. Méx. Muy bien.
  5. murena Senior Member

    Sydney, Australia
    Mexico / Spanish
    A todo dar es una respuesta normal para cuando alguient te pregunta cómo estás. Significa que uno o que algo está muy bien.

  6. RussUS Senior Member

    California, USA
    English, United States
    Gracias a todos.
  7. isabatt Member

    Puerto Rico
    Spanish, English - US
    Significa, también, "de lo mejor". Por ejemplo: "Eres una amiga a todo dar" significa "Eres de lo mejor" o "Eres una excelente amiga".
  8. panther3001 Member

    English - USA
    I know this thread is old, but for future searchers: "a todo dar" basically means "(to go) all out/to be the best, etc." For example, "voy a darle a mi amiga una gran cena a todo dar" means "I am going to go all out in preparing dinner for my friend," or "I am going to give my friend the best dinner ever!" or "I am going to give my friend a lavish dinner." You have to adjust for the context, but "a todo dar" = "all out/the best."

    Therefore, like the posts above allude to, "un amigo a todo dar" = "a friend who goes all out/gives his all/gives his best." It means, "a best friend/the most loyal friend of them all," etc.

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