a todo madre / un desmadre

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I heard that in the movie Blood in, Blood out. I've been told that it means different things. Is this true? What does it mean? Thanks for the help.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    I usually take the first one to mean, "going all out," "pulling out all the stops," or "peddle to the metal."

    The second one I think of chaos, disaster, or big mess. Like, ¡Hijo, tu cuarto es un desmadre! Or, Son, your room is a disaster area!
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    Welcome to the forums.
    The expressions you mention are very Mexican (I don't know if they use them in other countries), so I'll try to explain what they mean in Mexico.

    You can find desmadre in WR dictionary:
    desmadre m fam
    1 chaos
    2 (juerga) rave-up

    1) Tu cuarto es un desmadre/está hecho un desmadre=
    Your room is a mess (there are dirty clothes all over the floor, etc).

    2) La fiesta fue un desmadre.
    The party was great/awesome a rave (you know the kind of party were evryone has gone wild and even so it is awesome, we call it desmadre)

    3) Hay mucha gente en el mercado, ¡es un desmadre!
    There is a lot of people in the market, it is a chaos out there!

    ¡A toda madre!

    Means awesome, off the hook, off the wall, great (more less).

    Mi mejor amigo es a toda madre = My best friend is awesome, he is so cool.

    La fiesta está a toda madre = This party is off the hook man!

    But as many other typical mexican expressions, you can find the in many different contexts, these are the most common.

    Hope it helps.
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