A torch that lights up the dark space of the cosmos

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I wonder whether "a torch that lights up the dark space of the cosmos" is natural in English.


For me, Einstein is not only a science giant of our planet, but also a trailblazer, a torch that has lighted up the dark space of the cosmos, inspiring us to go further, to explore and enjoy the boundless beauty of the universe.

Source: English sentence making practice by me.
  • Andygc

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    British English
    There's nothing wrong with the metaphor "... a torch that has lit up the dark spaces ..." I wrote "spaces" because a torch can only illuminate a small area, so I assume your Einstein is shining on one space then another as his torch moves. That might not be what you intended.

    suzi br

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    English / England
    Good choice. Thank you.

    The Statue of Liberty holds up high a torch, doesn't she? ;)
    Aye, but that’s:
    A. an old-fashioned thing in an old image
    B. Casts light down rather than a penetrating beam into the sky.

    Use torch if you want

    But it’s not a good choice. :D


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    British English
    The Statue of Liberty shines her light in all directions. She's supposed to be a beacon of hope and freedom from whatever direction you see her torch's flame. "Down" is in the shadow of the torch, her arm and her body. But I don't think the light's bright enough to reach the dark spaces of the universe. :)
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