a torrent of media mush

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In the past few days, we've been subjected to/experinced/suffered a torrent/wave of media mush.

I wonder if been a victim/subjected to, experienced, and suffered are all interchangeable here?
Could I write a wave of media mush?
Last, how do I define media mush? Thanks.
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    Yes, in this circumstance you may use any of them. note: victim of (not victim to). They do not however mean the same thing.
    yes probably (see below),
    I do not know "media mush".


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    I don't know the term "media mush" but would suppose it to mean media coverage of inconsequential, gossipy or outrageous "news".

    A wave is smaller than a torrent -- I would use 'tidal wave' as an alternate to torrent. 'Suffered', 'subjected to' and 'been a victim of' are all the same thing, but 'experienced' doesn't carry the negative implications of the others. In other words, the first three all say that the experience was negative while using 'experienced' alone doesn't convey that.
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