A tout de suite

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  • Bobstein

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    UK - English
    Or simply 'In a bit'. But this is rather colloquial and/or regional. It comes from 'see you in a bit'.

    Could it also be translated as 'Be right back'?


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    français (France)
    I'd say "be right back" is "je reviens tout de suite" : you're with someone, you have to leave for a short while and you come back almost immediately. Whereas you can say "à tout de suite" to someone on the phone for instance because you've just agreed to meet a few minutes later.


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    Canada, Français
    I know this is quite an old thread but I'd like to add that I would personally use "Be right there" instead of "Be right back" in that context.


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    anglais - Etats-Unis
    Pour un RDV dans deux heures, qu'est que vous diriez, vous les français? Je viens de raccrocher et j'ai dit 'à tout de suite' pour un RDV d'ici 2h mais il a répondu 'à tout à l'heure'...alors, une petite précision SVP.


    You say "A tout à l'heure" to someone if you talk to him again in the day.
    You say "A tout de suite" if you talk to him again in less than 1 hour I would say... There is no official limit of course, but for a metting in 2 hours, it seems too far for me.

    Petite précision : We usually say, in the everyday life : "A toute !", which could work in both cases... ;) But say that to a friend, not to your boss.
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