A tout le monde, à tous les amis, je vous aime, je dois partir

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  1. Lost Child New Member

    USA English
    A Tout Le Monde,

    A Tout Les Amis,

    Je Vous Aime,

    Je Dois Partir,

    This is part of a song lyric, And I have wondered what it means for several years! If anyone can help please do.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Yaya Senior Member

    San Diego, CA
    USA, English
    To everyone,
    To all friends,
    I love you,
    I must go

    I'm curious- what song is it?
  3. Lost Child New Member

    USA English
    You cleared up in just a few minutes what has taken me several years to find out! You are a life saver! Thanks again!!!

    As for your question,

    It is a song called A Tout Le Monde
    by the group MEGADETH
    off the YOUTHANASIA CD
    I found an old dusty CD case yesterday and when I opened it up it was jammed full of CD's I had as a teenager. From the day I bought this CD I have wondered what they were saying in this song and no one could ever help me out! I wasnt even sure what language this was for sure. I have been listening to some of these CD's since I found the case and I happened onto this one again and I started the search for the meaning of these lyrics all over again.

    Thanks So much!!!
  4. tchev

    tchev Senior Member

    Dublin, Ireland
    France, French
    It should be "à tous les amis", shouldn't it?
  5. Login

    Login Senior Member

    Belgium - French
    Yes it should ;)
  6. DetSportsFan

    DetSportsFan Member

    English-United States
    It's an American guy trying to be fancy, that's why it's wrong.

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