A tout le monde

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  1. SMarr New Member

    USA, English
    What does this translate to in English? Also need help with these phrases:

    A tous mes amis
    Je vous aime
    Je dois partir

  2. Yaya Senior Member

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    USA, English
    à tout le monde-"to everyone/everybody"
    à tous mes amis- "to all of my friends"
    je vous aime-"I love you guys"
    Je dois partir-"I've got to go/I have to leave"
  3. Homer Member

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    Maurice: English, French & Creole

    This has been asked before. See this thread.

    Is this related to Dave Mustaine's departure from Megadeth?

  4. Criz New Member

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    "à tout le monde à tous mes amis je vous aime Je dois partir" is a part of Megadeth's song A Tout Le Monde (yes... Dave Mustaine's band)... it's a sad song (with it's first line "don't rememeber where i was, i realized life was a game...") great song but has a very sad theme... one friend told me long ago that its chorus' French part has something to do with saying goodbye to the world and friends. You should get a copy of the song so you'll understand it fully with the translations given. Ü

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