A trip to Büyükada

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  1. Pitt Senior Member


    I'd like to know if this translation is correct:
    A trip to Büyükada > Büyükada'ya bir gezinti.

    My grammar says: Büyükada'da bir gezinti.

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  2. snoopymanatee

    snoopymanatee Senior Member


    A trip in Büyükada. > Büyükada'da bir gezinti. :tick:
  3. shafaq Senior Member

    A trip to Büyükada:cross:???= Büyükada'ya bir gezinti. :cross:
    Büyükada'da bir gezinti.:tick: but it is (not=to) A trip to Büyükada.

    Verb stem+(xntx) suffix, in Turkish is used to express something "little, short, non-complete, abortive, insufficient, erroneous, irritating even unwanted" as it was as the "trip" in English. Just as "
    A trip to Büyükada" conceptually isn't correct; "Büyükada'ya bir gezinti." too is indecent in Turkish.
    Because gezinti=trip means a short "walk around" by means of time and distance without leaving initial location; then; both "
    A trip to Büyükada" and "Büyükada'ya bir gezinti." isn't correct. Neither a "trip" nor a "gezinti" is sufficient to realize a "journey=gezi" to any where; from "outside" of it.

    So; it isn't a "trip" but a "jorney" or a "tour" to Büyükada and its counterpart in Turkish is "Büyükada'ya bir gezi" or just "Büyükada gezisi".

    Your grammar book has excelled in saying "Büyükada'da bir gezinti". As snoopymanatee indicated;
    A trip in Büyükada. :tick:> Büyükada'da bir gezinti.:tick: Because it is so short and "within it" without leaving initial location.
  4. Pitt Senior Member

    Thanks a lot! I understand it like this:

    gezi = a trip
    a trip to Büyükada = Büyükada'ya bir gezi

    gezinti = a walk
    a walk in Büyükada = Büyükada'da bir gezinti

    Is this correct?
  5. shafaq Senior Member

    Turkish side of your equation is correct. But my objection toward "gezi=a trip" equation still continues.

    To me; it isn't a "trip" but a "jorney" or a "tour" to Büyükada and its counterpart in Turkish is "Büyükada'ya bir gezi" or just "Büyükada gezisi". Trip is "a walk" but not a "journey".

    According to Webster's New Wolrld Dictionary electronic version:
    1 to walk, run or dance with light rapid steps, skip; caper
    2 to stumble, esp.by catching the foot
    3 to make a false step, inaccuracy or mistake; err
    4 to falter in speech
    5 to run past the pallet of the escapement without catching
    6 (rare) to take a trip; journey
    7 (slang)to experience a TRIP of (n. 6)

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  6. LunarLord Member

    It doesn't always have to be "walk=trip" . Many boat-trips still exist around Büyükada and the other islands. Also people can go on a business/school trip(iş gezisi/ okul gezisi).Journey is usually used for one-way trips. But if you're referring to "gezinti" as a day trip, it is okay to use that way in my opinion.

    For gezinti, i would probably use "tour"(e.g. virtual tour=sanal gezinti) sometimes excursion(excursion boat=gezinti teknesi) , or informally "go for a walk/stroll/outing/jaunt" or even "drive around"(which all mean "
    gezintiye çıkmak" in general).

    Here is something i've found in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. For detailed information

    Plus, make sure to read the "Usage Note" to see the differences between trip and journey


    a journey to a place and back again, especially a short one for pleasure or a particular purpose

    Did you have a good trip?

    We went on a trip to the mountains.

    a day trip (= lasting a day)

    a boat/coach trip

    a business/school/shopping trip

    They took a trip down the river.

    We had to make several trips to bring all the equipment over.

    2 (slang) the experience that somebody has if they take a powerful drug that affects the mind and makes them imagine thingsan acid (= LSD) trip

    an act of falling or nearly falling down, because you hit your foot against something
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  7. Pitt Senior Member

    Açıklamalarınız için çok teşekkürler!

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