A turn up for the books

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  1. Leunamme Senior Member

    French, France
    Can anyone think of a way to translate:
    Bligh me! That's a turn up for the books!
    I understand what it means but I can't think how I would put it in French. In this case it's something Tony said in 'Men behaving badly' when he was in bed with Dorothy, his best friend's girlfriend.
  2. Monsieur Hoole Senior Member

    Canada English
    Bligh me = Blimey (boff/arff etc)
    A turn up for the books = vraiment inattendu

  3. edwingill Senior Member

    England English
    ça c'est une sacrée surprise
  4. dms997 Member

    English - UK
    The phrase comes from the world of betting. A bookmaker records the bets in a 'book'. If the favorite loses or an outsider wins it's said to be a 'turn up for the book'. As has been said, a fortunate event.
  5. Leunamme Senior Member

    French, France
    Thanks a lot everyone, and dms997 for the info.

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