a two-roomed flat or a two-room flat


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<<Thread title is a two-roomed flat or a two-room flat>>

I would be happy if someone could help me get rid of some doubts concerning the above mentioned phrase, which one is really correct? I'm asking about it because to me the first one seems all right, but I am quite sure I've seen the second one in some course book. Maybe both are correct, please help me. Thank you.
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    Welcome, Awa. :)

    I'd say that there's a definite BE/AE difference, Loob, if "two-roomed" sounds okay to you. It sounds weird to me. Here in the US, I'd expect only "two-room".

    P.S. to Awa: The BE "flat" is an AE apartment. As to the original question, I'd suggest always using "X-room", and not worrying about who's British and who's American, since we use only "room" and the British seem to accept both.
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