A typical bee colony/clive/society

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A typical bee colony is supported by up to sixty thousand workers.

Does "colony" in the above amount to "clive/society" to you? Thanks.
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    I don't recognize the word clive, but I can tell you that a colony is a group of animals of one type (in this case bees) living together.

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    The word colony can be used for many other types of animals that settle in groups, but hive is restricted to bees (and only a few species of bees, at that! Most native American bees are solitary. That there is a specialized word reflects the extreme importance of honeybees to human agriculture). Hive can mean either a colony (usually all descended from a single queen) of bees, or the place they live, often an artificial structure.


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    I think I would use colony when referring to the social structure of bees.

    I would more likely refer to a hive to mean the whole thing, i.e. the colony as one unit.

    [p.s. I studied entomology at uni :)]
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