a typo of fast typing

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Hello, my friends,

I was wondering whether the underlined part is idiomatic:

"This is a typo of fast typing."

Thoughts: I mean I write this word in the wrong way because I write too fast.
  • owlman5

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    I doubt that you will ever need to explain the cause of a typo unless somebody asks you a specific question about it. In most contexts, "this was a typo" should be enough. Your reader probably doesn't care whether you were typing faster than your ability or doing something else that caused the mistake.


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    heypresto has answered your question about "has caused" in #8: it should be "was caused." And it's redundant to use "due to" with "caused." We would say "caused by." If you have further questions about either of these points of grammar, please start a new thread (or, better yet, do a search for existing threads), so as not to take this thread about "a typo of fast typing" off track.
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