1. Lori15 Senior Member

    English, England

    I am not sure what a una mano - means here - could it be 'on hand'
    it is a mexican text and I am assuming that 'alfonso nava' refers to an auditorium or lecture theatre?

    Kotronakis virtuosismo a una mano alfonso nava
    this is the whole title
  2. sneaksleep Senior Member

    I'm not sure either, but perhaps "one-handed"? Having the name Alfonso Nava at the end like that makes me think maybe he is the author or the presenter? Are you sure the punctuation is correct, and that his name is not meant to be on a separate line?
  3. Lori15 Senior Member

    English, England
    No - this is how it reads - all along the same line
    it is the title of a press release

    but perhaps there is a Mexican - who can explain???

    tocando a una mano

    he is playing guitar - does this mean playing singlehandly? playing solo?
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  4. Tamita Member

    Puedes ser mas especifica? ; )
  5. sneaksleep Senior Member

    If this is about the same thing as your earlier thread, I think yes, they must be talking about one-handed guitar playing.
  6. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    What does the rest of the press release say? Is it about Dimitris Kotronakis, the classical guitarist? Maybe it's saying that he is the best of the virtuosos, playing with one hand.

    Please give us as much context information as you can, and help us to understand this confusing title.

    Also, please remember that this forum belongs to a dictionary, so we all need to write with correct capitalization and punctuation.

  7. Lori15 Senior Member

    English, England
    I found the original press release - and there is a 'by' (By Alfons Nava) missing from my title.
    So that's where the confusion arose. SoI am guessing he is a solo virtuoso - he doesn't play with one hand...
  8. ayvlis Senior Member

    in asuncion
    spanish & english (peru)
    I agree with sneaksleep a una mano means playing with one hand.

  9. Lori15 Senior Member

    English, England
    I have seen him play - on you tube - and he doesn't play with one hand and I would have thought playing with one hand would be impossible in a guitar - unless it means he plays the frets only and gets a sound out - but i don't know
    I bow to your superior Spanish - so I will investigate further
    thanks guys
  10. Lori15 Senior Member

    English, England
    I found a clip of him playing with 1 hand on the fret board absolutely amazing sound.
    thanks very much for forcing me to investigate this a lot more - my understanding would have been completely wrong
    Thanks very much
  11. sneaksleep Senior Member

    That is so cool! Glad we could help. :)

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