A universal problem or a universal problem around the world?

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I'm proofreading a dissertation on sociology for my friend, and this sentence comes up.

Uneven development is a universal problem all over the world. (The previous part is about inequalities in China, and the following portion centres around uneven development all over the world. And this sentence serves as a thesis statement.)

Is "all over the world" is excessive?

I think "all over the world" is excessive, because "universal" means "involving everyone in the world or in a particular group", which in my opinion, covers the meaning of "all over the world".

My version of correction is : Uneven development is a universal problem.

Thank you!
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    I agree with you. 'All over the world' is redundant. It might be forgivable if spoken because we often repeat information in speech, but in a carefully prepared text, we should avoid this.
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