A ver si te vas a caer.

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Mike Anakin

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Spanish- Spain
Hola, me gustaría traducir lo siguiente :

"Ponte bien, A VER SI te vas a caer"

Contexto: Frase dicha por un adulto a un niño que se está echando para atrás en la silla.

The closest I can think of would be "Get upright, YOU DON'T WANT TO fall/ YOU MAY fall " but of course I don't know if that's natural or if there's something better because none of those seem to have the same nuance to me.

Thank you.
  • Oldy Nuts

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    Spanish - Chile
    La construcción de la frase original suena muy extraña para estos oídos no españoles. ¿Será lo mismo que "siéntate derecho, no te vayas a caer"?


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    English - USA
    Its more like "Sit still or you're likely to fall and then what?"

    Better said is "Sit still before you wind up [end up] on the floor."
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