a verb for "to glance out of the corner of one's eye at"?


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Is there a verb that can replace the verb phrase "to glance out of the corner of one's eye at", one that describes purely that particular angle of an eye without specifying the person's mental state (such as wanting to look at it without getting noticed).
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    Please give us a complete sentence in which you might use this verb, (if it exists), and some context.
    It's just about the "out of the corner"-angle of an eye, regardless of context.

    Maybe the answer can be approached through different but related questions:
    What is the vertical (up/down) counterpart of "out of the corner of one's eye" (assuming that "the corner" is left/right)?
    Is there a word that can replace/obviate "without moving one's head" as in "I kept my gaze up at the spider on the wall without moving my head, wondering whether I should take it outside" or "I glanced down at the clock on the screen without moving my head, waiting for the livestream to start"?


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    Maybe 'I focused on the spider . . . '. 'I glanced down at the clock . . . ' sounds good to me. I don't think you need to mention 'without moving my head'.

    But without a full sentence, and some context, I don't know what to suggest for your original question.
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