"a" versus "an" à la carte subscription

Amda Zako

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France / French
This one is for you, les anglo-saxons !

Would you say:

  1. an à la carte subscription
  2. a à la carte subscription
  3. neither of the above

Merci beaucoup !
  • Amda Zako

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    France / French
    What is an "à la carte subscription"? I know the phrase only from restaurant menus.
    It would be a subscription, say to a mobile service, where you could pick how many text messages and minutes you want. Maybe I could say something like "a pick and choose subscription"...
    When you want to sound pompous in English, slip in some French!


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    I've seen it on occasion in the US, with the same meaning, which is just like on menus : set meal or a la carte. Pre-selected bundle/package or your own mix-n-match combination. Early days of satellite TV were like that, perhaps stll are, adding special channels one by one.
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